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We're a language school that teaches the Greek language online. We offer group and individual Greek lessons at all levels.

Our team of experienced teachers are all native speakers based in Greece who have studied languages or education at university level.

We’ve been teaching online for over 10 years, and we’re proud to have helped several thousand learners get better at speaking a foreign language!

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Our online learning options

Weekly Group Courses

We organise regular online Greek group courses for all levels. Courses are weekly over 12 weeks and participation costs 259€.

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Individual Lessons

With a focus on convenience & flexibility, our individual learning option offers one-to-one teaching from 27.50€ per lesson.

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About our language school


We’re a team of 5 experienced and enthusiastic teachers that have been teaching Greek online (and in person!) now for over 5 years.

At the beginning of 2022 we began teaching together as Let’s Learn Greek. We offer Greek lessons for both English and German speakers.

We work hard to make the online learning experience as interactive as possible with lots of exercises, dialogues and examples.

Our learning coordinator Maja is here to help!

You can contact Maja directly with any questions. She’ll be glad to tell you more about our language school, available courses and time slots and which learning options we offer!


What do our students say?

Feedback from some of our students – in their own words:

Why learn Greek?

Here are the top five reasons our students choose to learn Greek!

Your boyfriend/girlfriend (or wife/husband) is from Greece and you want to impress (and understand) their family!

You plan to travel to Greece and have a passion for the country and its culture!


Your family is originally from Greece and you’d like to learn – or improve your knowledge of – their language.

You need Greece for work, because you travel to Greece regularly or manage Greek clients.

for fun

You're a naturally curious person who enjoys learning new languages!

FAQs about our Greek lessons

What does a typical Greek language course with you look like?

You'll receive lively and thorough lessons in the Greek language, with a particular emphasis on speaking. All courses take place online and are led by real teachers, who teach both group classes (with a maximum of 8 students) and individual one-to-one lessons.

How much do your Greek language courses cost?

Our 12-week group Greek course costs 259€, and individual lessons start at 27.50€ per hour.

How are the teachers selected for your Greek language school?

Our teachers are carefully selected for their education and language backgrounds, and for their ability to deliver dynamic lessons online. All of our teachers are native Greek speakers.

Is the technology for online teaching stable and user-friendly?

At ""Let's Learn Greek,"" we only use well-established and reliable technologies, such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Drive, to provide a stable online learning environment. We also offer free language tools to help you learn Greek.

What materials are used in your Greek language courses?

We use materials aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in our Greek language courses, and we constantly update our teaching methods and materials.